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сочинение на английском "Что бы ты сделал , чтобы защитить природу ". 5-7 предложений

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    I am convinced that preserving ecology must be one of the most important problems of XXI century. Countries should take some serious measures to implement this vital task. Primarily, they should perform some ecological programs on the polluted areas for saving and restoring them. Secondly, they should toughen the legislation and they have to produce goods which wouldn’t destroy the nature. First of all we must develop technologies for recycling cans, polyethylene, and similar things.
    Even if people couldn’t refuse neither the cars, nor the factories,  it is essential to be more responsible of our ecology! Otherwise, we can lose our startling forests, lakes and wild animals in the long run.
    To sum it up, indeed, modern society can develop without ruining nature. The status of ecology is forcing people to combine their efforts to protect it! Only together we shall be able to reduce pollution in the largest and fastest-growing urban areas

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